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Family Groups Lobby for New Policies

A coalition of family groups has reportedly begun lobbying for new child safety laws. The group, calling itself the Maternal Superiority Coalition (MaSC), feels that their proposed legal reforms will protect children from inherently unfit environments. Core to the proposed policy change is the clear and evident fact that only women who have carried a child in their own womb are capable of experiencing love, in particular for the child carried.

The MaSC notes that, based on this well-founded research into maternal superiority, men are to be prevented from handling children without maternal supervision. "We need to be clear here that this is not an anti-gay policy. We are equally concerned about fathers being allowed to have interactions with children", said a MaSC spokeswoman. According to their thorough research, men are relatively capable of showing boys how to fix things, but only mothers have the ability to offer care and love, and should be nearby at all times to prevent harm to children.


Importantly, the MaSC studies indicate that infertile women are also suspect, apparently based on hormonal differences with mothers. More research needs to be performed before the level to which infertility impairs a woman's ability to love and nurture a child can definitively be determined. Of more question is the maternal stability of women who have been manipulated by radical feminist ideology into rejecting the Gift of MotherhoodTM.

According to MaSC policy, both infertile women and those rejecting The GiftTM would be required to wear brown triangles on their clothes, indicating their maternal inferiority, making identification easier for conscientious mothers.

Naturally, such research into maternal superiority has had implications for adoption. Given that only the actual carrying of children can provide maternal superiority, the proposed MaSC rules will require that all parents seeking to adopt already have at least one child genetically related to them and that the woman bearing the child be alive in the home. Adoptive parents who already have custody of children will, understandably, have the unfortunate little ones removed to maternally superior households.

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