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Recession Woes Impact Child Care

With the deepening of the recession, "you get what you pay for" may still apply, but most Americans simply cannot pay as much as they once did. In fact, many parents have been forced to make tough decisions and trade-offs in such critical and heart-rending areas as child care. Who wants to be seen as a penny-pincher, when it comes to the welfare of their own future care-givers and holders of power of attorney? Even facing such considerations, some parents have been forced to place children in some less-reputable child-care options, including their own relatives.

For some, however, the recession has allowed exploration of new avenues of child care that might not have been considered in more flush times. Experts have identified a trend toward "back-to-basics" child care building on the economic character of the times to bring back depression-era parenting techniques. Many hope this will signal a new "greatest generation". One promising new company representing this trend is Tough Love Day Care CenterTM. Tough Love guarantees expert results turning children into hardened adults at an early age.


However, it is primarily the low cost that attracts parents, allowing some to discover the benefits of the company's approach. Tough Love offers very reasonable rates, assuming parents are willing to sign a waiver of all rights to class action lawsuits resulting from mental, emotional, or physical distress. Said one happy parent, "My child used to complain all the time, but since taking her to Tough Love, she just rocks herself quietly to sleep", adding, "I couln't be happier". Testimonials like these have allowed the company to expand to near national status, while other industries are retrenching.

A spokesperson for the American Psychological Association (APA) said that, in consideration of the future economic stability of their profession, they heartily endorse such enterprises as the Tough Love Day Care Center. Wall Street analysts agreed, saying, "These enterprises practically guarantee future growth in the mental health sector, which should result in increased public offerings and a significant growth curve, lagging just behind the recovery by several years, but outstripping the majority of the market".

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